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5 things to know before buying a thermal camera system

By Jamie Bumgardner, Prime Communications, Inc. Thermal cameras have been a hot topic in the security industry as of late, as more and more businesses look to invest in solutions that can screen employees and customers for an elevated temperature before they enter a building. Thermal cameras are being used as one of many tools […]

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Why now is the ideal time to make security improvements at your workspace

By David Alessandrini, Pasek Corporation The work from home movement continues, with much of corporate America postponing the full reopening of offices as part of efforts to help stop the spread of COVID-19. As a result, office occupancy numbers remain low compared to pre-pandemic rates. This scenario – with many offices remaining virtually empty – […]

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The Role of Security in a COVID World

by John Krumme, CPP, Cam-Dex Security How security is minimizing COVID-19 risk We all know the benefits of a comprehensive security solution and program. Protecting people and assets has been priority number one for those associated with the security industry since its inception. The industry has accomplished this by developing new technologies and safety programs […]

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The New Security Buzzword – Touchless Security

By Dominic Burns, AC Technical Systems Ltd. Much of what people do on a daily basis involves touching hundreds of items without thought – we turn a door knob to open a door, touch a keypad to type on a computer and push elevator buttons to close the door and select a floor. Until recently, […]

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Remote systems access to become the future of security service calls

By Dominic Burns, A.C. Technical Systems Ltd. What will service calls look like for security systems integrators and their customers in the post COVID-19 world? Here is a glimpse into the future: As integrators and end users alike look to mitigate risk, many will turn to remote system connectivity to troubleshoot issues with IP cameras […]

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Why facility executives need to learn about anti-drone technology

By Del Deason, Vision Security Technologies With the use of aerial drones becoming a regular occurrence, facility executives and security professionals alike need to educate themselves on not just the benefits of drone technology, but also the risks and the appropriate steps to take to guard against an unwanted drone entering the airspace of their […]

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Protecting your Empty Facility

By John Krumme, CPP, Cam-Dex Security Corp. These are unprecedented times globally, as businesses transition as many employees as possible to work from home in an attempt to stop the spread of COVID-19. As a result of this shift, many once bustling facilities – schools, corporate offices and places of worship – are now seeing […]

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How to Future Proof Your Security System

By J. Matthew Ladd, The Protection Bureau Security is an important investment to protect not just employees who work in a building, but also anyone who may visit that specific facility. Regardless of the exact dollar amount spent, many end users have similar expectations – they want to make sure they can continue to leverage […]

4 Reasons to Adopt OSDP

By: Rich Lyman, Manager of Global Technology, Netronix Integration and Ivan Golian, IT Director, Netronix Integration The security industry is no stranger to combating vulnerabilities. Whether physical or cyber threats, security professionals must always anticipate what could go wrong and have a plan already in place to respond accordingly. Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP), first […]

What is the average life expectancy of an IP camera?

By Dave Sweeney, CEO, Advantech Incorporated Analog cameras have had a reputation for standing the test of time, mainly because the technology behind them is relatively simple and has changed little over the years. With only periodic improvements, end users often had little reason to replace them and upgrade to newer cameras. The introduction of […]