Overall Job Description

The basic function of the Estimator is to provide technically accurate solutions and job cost estimates for outside sales. The Estimator provides assistance in preparation of proposals in terms of responding to specifications and design. Estimator may also be assigned certain accounts to support as inside sales, either independently or in conjunction with outside sales (OS). 

Reporting Relationship

Reports to the Director of Operations but receives input and priorities from the Systems Sales Specialist or Account Manager 

Principal Duties

  • Providing thorough cost estimates to the Sales Department that result in pricing jobs that achieve Company profitability standards and competitiveness.
  • Accurately design the systems as defined in the scope of work and assure the proper equipment and resources are proscribed for the job.
  • Assist the salesman in presentation to customer either in concepts, writing or in person.
  • Provide needed sales input to solve problems that would prevent jobs from timely completion.
  • Monitor actual job cost against estimates and look for opportunities to reduce costs and/or improve profitability.
  • Assist in workshops and other marketing functions with technical and other support.
  • Furnishes job cost estimates for material, labor and overhead factors to sales in a timely manner to ensure that Customer’s deadline for receiving a quote is met.
  • Interacts with all departments and personnel to obtain the data to accurately determine material and manpower requirements. Quoting process may require a visit to the job site on more involved jobs and meetings with customers to clarify scope and design.
  • Set up the Job Review Folder (Green Folder) and/or Service CEO will all required information necessary for an accurate review of the proposed solution. Obtains necessary sign-offs of jobs before releasing to OS for presentation to customer.
  • Attends regularly scheduled production meetings with Engineering and Operations to determine if quoting and job processes are on target.
  • Keeps abreast of technology and product innovations by interacting with vendors and technical staff. Participating in selection of Company product standards and their implementation.
  • Reviews, with operations, actual labor, equipment and material costs against estimated costs paying particular attention to identifying and determining the cause of overruns for all completed jobs; brings significant overruns to Management’s attention so that they can be addressed.
  • Assist with change orders as requested, by determining the needed equipment, costs and labor requirements.

Job Requirements & Experience

  • Minimum 2 years’ experience with D/A or equivalent organization planning, installing and/or training of programmed electronic surveillance and/or alarm systems preferably in a planning or management role.
  • Minimum 2 years’ electronic or equivalent technical diploma. Continued education and learning in related knowledge. 

Skills, Knowledge and Abilities

  • Motivated Positive Team attitude. Needs to pursue work with a “will find a way” perspective 
  • Above average mathematics skills preferred. Basic arithmetic, algebra and measuring required. 
  • Proficiency in communicating orally and in writing in English 
  • Knowledge base for Security Systems. Above average aptitude & organization that allows for fast paced production and multi-tasking when needed. 
  • Ability to discern and interpret technical specifications, diagrams and drawings. Ability to plan and rapidly layout systems. 

Measure of Performance

  • Customer satisfaction as measured by jobs completed on time against planned benchmarks. 
  • Efficiency of installation teams measured by delays or confusion on the job due to material/equipment shortages and incorrect or missing information. 
  • Profitability of Jobs Completed measured by profit margin achieved in pricing and actual cost vs. estimated job cost. 
  • Professionalism in dealings with customers, managers, and fellow employees. 
  • Quality of direct Operations/Sales support as evidenced by the completeness of Job Cost Estimates and Planning furnished. 
  • Accuracy of estimations as evidenced in not having product or design – related Change Orders other than those initiated by the client.
  • Willingness and competency in handling special assignments and projects. 


Oak Park, Michigan